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Ending the Year with Gratitude

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Growth and change is a natural progression in business and life. This year was full of both for me on both a personal and professional level. I started the year off living in Lethbridge, working as a project manager/VA for an awesome marketing agency. It was fast paced and an amazing place to learn and grow as a VA. I worked alongside an awesome couple every day and things were great.

In June, we decided to list our family home for sale. Our first home. The home where we started our family and our beautiful little girl learned to walk. It was a tough decision to make but it was definitely time to a change. A slower pace of life, and a safe community to raise Paige.


Part way through the journey of selling, I started feeling a sense of restlessness. A feeling that I should be doing even more. It was a gut feeling I couldn’t shake and one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I sat down and analyzed my life, and every aspect of it to figure out where the feeling was coming from. In October, I decided to take a step back from my project management position and begin working on some of the projects I had been dreaming of but hadn’t had the chance to pursue. From there this website and blog were born and I began connecting with some amazing people.

Along the way, I was fortunate enough to connect with some truly amazing people and I have had the incredible opportunity to work with some great ones!

While 2018 was stressful, a little painful, but amazing too I felt I needed to take the time to write this blog and express my gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful feeling as a business owner. I was terrified to step out and work directly with clients but I have to say I have been lucky enough to connect with some amazing individuals this year that includes a motivational speaker/author, a web design/branding/graphic design company, a marketing company, a tobacco/marijuana cessation coach and a VA.

To each and every one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve helped turn my dreams into a reality and I am so incredibly grateful to work with each and every one of you. I can hardly wait to see what 2019 has in store for you!

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