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Get a Boost With These Insta Story Tips

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Instastories are the hottest new trend in the social media world. They give you the opportunity to give your following an inside look at your day, put a face to your brand and it’s simple to post without taking a ton of time out of your schedule. When creating your Instastories it’s important to consider some specific guidelines for posting.

Stay on Brand

Like anything else you do on social media, you need to be on brand. Use consistent colour palettes that are in line with your branding when using wallpaper and use similar language and tone to keep it professional. Your graphic designer can help create stunning wallpaper for your stories that can draw in elements from your branding and they can be repurposed as needed.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is one of the most crucial parts of finding success through social media. Followers want to feel like they truly know you, without crossing the line to too personal. Let your personality show through your stories. With the variety of filters its simple to make your stories fun and interesting, and you have a ton of options tailor-made to drive engagement from your network. No one wants to buy or hire someone that is not personable so show your audience you are someone they can trust, who is knowledgeable and someone that isn’t afraid to be themselves.

Be Consistent

Your followers want to know what you’re up to so don’t leave them hangin’. Post your stories daily or at least consistently throughout the week. Keep them in the loop about what’s going on in your business and life.

Use Location Tags

Location tags on Insta stories are a goldmine for reaching new people. Using them takes a couple of extra seconds and will increase the reach on your story substantially. Bonus tip: Combining the location tag with relevant hashtags is even more effective to attract new followers and potential clients!

Use the Polls

Engagement is key on each social media platform. You’ll need to encourage your followers to interact with you, so use the poll option to do just that! Ask a question and see what responses you get, then do a follow up story to share the results! This will encourage engagement and for your followers to keep coming back to see the results. These polls are great for tying your personal life into your business. Think casual: coffee or tea? Mac or PC? Home office or traditional 9-5? Those kinds of questions let you know your followers better and gives you a wealth of info for future stories and posts!

These Instastory tips are sure to improve your account insights quickly and simply. If you haven’t started using this powerful tool yet, do so soon!

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