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Amberly Lago

Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author of True Grit & Grace

I had always heard that you could find great job opportunities on LinkedIn but I didn’t have the time to pursue it, and I didn’t even know how to get started.  Thank goodness I found Alyssa, and what a life changer it has been.  I completely put my trust in her and she has expanded my connections, arranged job interviews, landed me podcast interviews, and done all of this in a matter of a couple of months.  It feels so good to finally meet someone who has my best interest at heart and that I can totally trust.  Alyssa is dedicated, trustworthy, passionate, hardworking, professional, and on top of it one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Working alongside her has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for growing my business.  I HIGHLY recommend Alyssa and love what she is doing for my career!!

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Amanda Darnley

Owner, EarlyBird Virtual Assistants

Working with Alyssa was a crucial part of building my business from the ground-up.

Alyssa worked with me as Virtual Assistant from 2014 to 2017 and was an integral part of keeping the business organized and on-track. Her ability to learn and implement new CRM software systems was impressive and extremely valuable.

Any tasks given to Alyssa were always completed well before the deadline and never required any edits. She was meticulous with her work and even the smallest details were tended to.

She was not a VA that needed constant hand-holding, she was the polar opposite - Very often she would remind me of tasks that needed to be done and she would offer intelligent and strategic input on how to improve our business systems and processes.

As a business owner that often outsources administrative and marketing tasks, it has been rare to find someone that cares as much about my business as I do, but I definitely found that level of commitment, pride, and excellence when working with Alyssa. She cared for the success of the business as it were her own.

Any business owner that has Alyssa on their team, is a lucky business.

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Janice Burgess

Smoking Cessation Coach /  Pharmacist

Hiring a VA allows me to focus my time on doing what I love! Alyssa Burgoyne has allowed me to concentrate on being an excellent quit smoking coach and trainer, and that means I am fulfilling my purpose in life - very rewarding stuff.

At the same time, Alyssa is helping me grow my community and the number of connections in my LinkedIn profile, and that is priceless. I went from just a few connections to over 5000 in a very short period of time and this has opened up networking opportunities that would not be available otherwise.

Alyssa just gets me - I say this because I feel confident leaving her in charge of my VA needs, but I know that she will reach out to me if there is something she needs me to respond to. It's awesome to know she's got my back. Thanks, Alyssa!

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Sandra Oliver Corso

Life Strategist, Retreat Leader, Suddenly Free

I was so excited about launching my first program! I’d spent weeks doing market research, analyzing data, writing and tweaking the copy, searching for just the right images. I had everything I needed to build a great sales page! And I’d already been talking it up in podcast interviews! A Black Friday sale would be the perfect time to launch!

It took me the better part of two days building the sales page on my WordPress site, and finally, it looked just right! It’s not my strongest suit, but I had built the rest of my website myself, so this shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Except none of it actually worked. The sign-up links. The pay button. Nothing. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and none of it worked. I was going to have to cancel the launch.

Not so fast! In comes Alyssa Burgoyne! I explained my issues to her, and how I wanted it to work, and she had it set up in no time! She was so friendly and helpful! Diligent and thorough, she made sure I was able to launch my program in time for Black Friday, and I even made some sales! She’s the best!

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Kelli Anderson

Owner, Kelli Anderson Communications

It was difficult for me to find a VA that I really trust. I wanted to find someone who could complete everyday tasks, but also strategize with me...almost be my right hand. I've found that in Alyssa. She sends me ideas on a regular basis to improve my business and I look forward to my business growing with her.

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Rae Jenkins

Owner, Rae Jenkins Solution Strategist for the SuperWoman

I had questions about LinkedIn so I scheduled a 15 minute consultation with Alyssa to get some tips. She is very knowledgeable and her tips were spot on! She was both personable and professional..in my book that’s a GREAT cocktail..!

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Candy Villalta

Owner, Candy V Designs

Alyssa is the bomb when it comes to helping you get your business on track!! Workflows, business management, taxes, she is your girl!! I am seriously so thankful that I found her and look forward to working with her on many projects together.

She is patient with you, extremely communicative which is important when you are working with someone who helps you run your business. Candy V Designs team is super happy 

• Very Organized
• A pleasure to work with!
• Super knowledgable

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Dolores Hirschmann

Chief Clarity Officer, Masters in Clarity

Alyssa has been an amazing resource for our networking and business growth. We now have a predictable source of qualified leads engaging with our content and scheduling consultations with our team. Our business is growing in a consistent way since we’ve engaged Alyssa’s services.