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What can you outsource to a VA?

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VA is a really broad term-one that causes some confusion sometimes. When you’re a business owner you may be ready to get some extra support in your business but are unsure of what to ask for. Some virtual assistants are specialized, some focus more on general assistance. Determining what you’re looking for is going to be your best bet in finding the right fit for your business.

Here are 50 things you can easily outsource to a VA and save yourself time.

  1. Calendar management
  2. Email management
  3. Travel booking
  4. Social media account management
  5. Graphic design
  6. Content writing
  7. Website updates and maintenance
  8. Bookkeeping, payroll and invoicing
  9. Market research
  10. Data entry
  11. Reporting
  12. Creating forms and surveys
  13. Proofreading and editing
  14. Blogging
  15. Creating infographics
  16. Drafting press releases
  17. Reputation management
  18. Email marketing
  19. Competitor research
  20. Lead generation
  21. Developing systems and processes for increased productivity
  22. Project management
  23. Uploading/editing videos
  24. Transcription
  25. Recruiting and interviewing new staff
  26. Placing online ads outside of social media
  27. Training new employees
  28. Creating presentations
  29. Setting up online courses
  30. Organize documents for tax purposes
  31. Setup project management software or CRM
  32. Contacting leads for follow up
  33. Sending thank you’s to customers
  34. Handling tech, software, etc. related issues
  35. Creating welcome and goodbye packages for staff and clients
  36. Searching for business development opportunities
  37. Customer service
  38. Reception
  39. Making phone calls
  40. Organizing scanned documents
  41. Blog management
  42. Answer support tickets
  43. Participate in discussion forums/message boards
  44. Event planning
  45. Template creation
  46. Personal errands
  47. Training new staff
  48. Email newsletters
  49. Directory submissions
  50. SEO

When determining what you’d like to outsource use this list as a guide. Then take a look at your daily to do list and divy that up into the following three categories:

  • Things I love to do
  • Things I hate doing
  • Things I can’t do

The items that fall under what you hate doing and can’t do make it clear where to start with your outsourcing efforts. Outsourcing tasks that you are not capable of doing saves you a time of time because you don’t need to scour YouTube for tutorials. Outsourcing the tasks you hate, is going to drastically improve your quality of life and leave more room for doing what you love!

Ready to outsource or still unsure if you can or not? Let’s have a coffee and chat about it!

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