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What I Learned About Working LESS This Summer

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It’s time to discuss the reality of being a business owner. When you work a 9-5 and want to take time off during the summer, you submit a request for vacation and leave on your last day to enjoy yourself fully for your days off. No need to check emails or answer calls, or even complete any work. When you get back your work will be waiting for you. This is very different than what summer looks like for business owners. If we take days off, our clients suffer, our business growth becomes stagnant and we eventually get so far behind it seems impossible to catch up. 

Each year I have always continued working full-time hours through the summer, but this year I wanted it to be different. As my daughter, Paige, gets older I started to feel like I was missing out even though the whole point was to be present in her life. She’s going to be 7 in September, and for the past 6 summers I worked and we got limited free time to enjoy our very short summer season. Here’s what I have learned by working less this summer. 

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.

As I prepared to work reduced hours for the summer I stressed about how I would make it work. What did I need to do in advance to ensure that I could make this happen? In the months of May and June, I hustled hard to get blogging, social media posts, and other non-time-sensitive work completed and scheduled. Being able to take some of those tasks off my plate for the summer cleared up a ton of time for me during the summer months. With a little organization and planning, my summer schedule was no longer stressing me out. 

I feel less burnt out.

In June, I was away for a week on holidays and after returning felt really burnt out and tired. It was great to have a plan in place for reduced hours for the summer so that I knew I only had to push hard for a couple of weeks and then would have a lighter schedule. Being able to relax and enjoy this summer has put me in a great spot to ensure my clients are getting what they need from me and gives me the ability to be ready to jump in with both feet come September. I used to notice that come the end of August I was so exhausted that I couldn’t imagine stepping up my game in September, but this year is completely different. 

Family time should always be a priority. 

We get very few summers with our children as they grow and I know in my network a ton of people who have their own businesses or are entrepreneurs do so for the flexibility with their families. As business owners and entrepreneurs, our priorities should always be on our families. When building your business remember to build up one that can sustain itself or can be outsourced easily if you need or want to take a step back. 

When building a business it can feel like you become your business. It’s important to ensure that you have a boundary between your business and personal life. When working from home it can be easy to fall into the trap of never shutting your business off. Take care of yourself so you can properly take care of your business.

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